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 ~ Location ~ 

24557 University Avenue 

Loma Linda, CA 92354

~ Hours ~

Monday-Friday: 6:00 am- 2:00 pm  

 Sunday- 7:00 am-2:00 pm 

Closed Saturday 


Lo Melinda’s was founded to inspire joy and spread warmth one cup and one bloom at a time. Located on wheels in Loma Linda and beyond, we serve up fresh coffee and warm beverages, tasty provisions, and fresh floral bouquets.


We believe in the power of a warm beverage,  and fresh flowers to brighten anyone’s outlook—even if just for a moment. Stationed just outside of Loma Linda University Campus, we’re aware that our carefully curated provisions might also have the power to change the day of a student, doctor, patient, or those there at the hospital who are supporting loved ones. Because of this, our offerings are designed to appeal to anyone and everyone who might find us to be a bright part of their day or a welcome respite. This simple knowledge means the world to us. 


You can find us across from the Loma Linda University Medical Center on most days, but you can also inquire about having a bit of fresh buzz and bloom at your location or at an exclusive event by contacting us for further information. 

Why We Are Here

Our Buzz - Your Kind of Coffee

At Lo Melinda's, we strive to elevate daily lives with the richness and warmth of a good cup of coffee. We want to offer you the best, and only, pick-me-up on wheels. Our coffee beans are coming from places that you may find familiar–Walla Walla, Pacific Union College, Southern, Southwestern, and Union.

The Buzz



Our Blooms - 

By the bloom or by the bouquet

Looking for

Lo Melinda's will let you build your own arrangements in the shop or you can trust us to collaborate with you to build bouquets for a dinner with a special someone, a visit to the hospital, or your next party or event. We are here to help build for you what your heart will find delightful.

Buzz or Bloom Questions
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